Senior Executives

Carlos Armando Guzmán - CEO and Founder

He was born on 1965 and has been awarded with two Masters Degree on Finance from the North Carolina State University. On 2006 he founded IBP Corp. and has aquired a profound knowledge and expertise on international banking and business management. 

His working experience includes banking operations with the Saudi Finance Group, Julpharma del Ecuador (branch of Gulf Pharmaceuticals Julphar) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador.

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Andreas Degetau- CFO and CoFounder

His finance and management background includes experience gained at important financial institutions in Ecuador and other companies in the rest of the world, like Siemens A.G. in Munich

His education was divided between Ecuador, Mexico, Switzerland and USA, where he even was honored with a Cum Laude from The American University in Washington D.C.

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José Emilio Velasco - Investments Advisor and CoFounder

Born in 1947, José Velasco has a very well-known professional trajectory in Ecuador, where his management skills and finance expertise allowed him to be part of important companies, financial institutions and banks.

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Juan Toledo - Development Advisor

Igor Costa - Int. Liaisons

Juan was born on 1979 at Fuensalida, Toledo, Spain. He possesses an outstanding knowledge and expertise in construction projects, such as the extension of the Madrid Barajas Airport Terminal 4, which allowed it to compete with major hub airports within Europe.
Other important project where he has been a key part, were the restoration of the Ritz Hotel and the Palace Hotel, both in Madrid, Spain.

Igor José Monteiro Da Costa is an extrovert economist, with large experience, who is a natural leader with an entrepreneurial and visionary mind. A very driven, structured and motivating human being, with almost 3 years of experience within management, marketing, business development and sales, both product and service based.

Olivia Heermann - Int. Liaisons

David Kywy - Int. Marketing

Born in Zürich, Switzerland on 1990, she works as a Financial Advisor on several economical branches like private investment and asset management. Currently at IBP Corp, she is in charge of intermediation Buy/Sell of petroleum derivatives and crude oil. She is also a very fluent Swiss, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian speaker.

He has a well acquired knowledge and expertise as a manager of important tech and logistics companies in Ecuador and the United States of America, backed with education received from the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Miami, both in USA.

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David Jung - Int Fuel & Consulting

José Javier Velasco - IT Manager

David Jung has worked in Oil and Gas for 15+ years. Majority of which was spent in the upstream side of the business and more recently, branching out into midstream.  Currently coordinating International Crude and Fuels Sales  in the Commodity trading division of IBP among other projects, consulting roles, and responsibilities.

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Born on 1978 in Guayaquil, Ecuador, he is an IT Consultant, with experience with mobile, and web projects including Open Source and Closed Source technologies. Lately he has been involved in Java EE projects, including data analysis, and dynamic reporting (using D3.js) and message transmission using Corba. He also is involved in Virtual Reality projects involving Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, LeapMotion and Unity.

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Dale Garner - Commissioning Agent

David Carrion Mora - Legal Council  

Dale was an experienced financial professional and entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience. Dale has been involved in the oil and energy sectors and was also a managing partner with Gryphon Private Equity Partner, and an executive associate commissioning agent with IBP Corp. 

In loving memory, gone but not forgotten.

Trial lawyer; Master in International Economic Law from the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, Ecuador; Diploma in Administrative Law Ibero-American by the University of La Coruña, Spain; International courses on Integration and Social Reality in Latin America; Investigator; and, opinion writer.

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Associate Executives

José Martínez

European Sales Coordinator

Jean Pierre Jametti

Management Consultant

José Sáenz Borja

Human Resources

Félix Bicuña

Financial & Banking Advisor

Dr. Andreas Rabber

Legal Advisor

Dr. Rolando Bustos

Ecuadorian Legal Advisor

Marco Antonio Toledo

Logistics and Security

Daniel Clarke

International Sales and Promotions

Roberto Nevado Gómez

IBP Cofounder (In Memory Of)


Dr. Gustavo Enríquez, Phd

Research and Development

Diego Hervas

Logistics and Acquisitions Consultant 

Avelina Guzmán

Executive Office Manager

Ximena Viteri

Executive Assistant

Ms. Ximena Viteri has many years of experience as an executive secretary for various general managers and CEOs, with various educational seminars including an internship with Chase Manhattan Bank NY. Her background gives her the vital know how in streamlining and guiding the operational decisions of the Upper Management into execution. 

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