Fuel Trading

IBP is also able to provide other petroleum derived commodities such as JP54 Aviation Fuel, A1 Aviation Fuel at times, D2, D6, Gasoline, Mazut, LPG, LNG, Petro Coke, Crude Oil, Palm Oil and Palm Oil for Bio Diesel.

We can and will provide past performance and exercise other transparencies to ease, in this particular industry, valid concerns regarding fair dealings. We merely ask that this is reciprocated.

Typical Procedure Example:

Dip & Pay, Dip Test on Seller tank before injection into buyers tank 


2) Seller issue Commercial Invoice (CI) for Buyer to countersign and return to Seller signed CI along TSA for Seller approval. 

3) Seller Approve buyer TSA and issue POP documents to Buyer: Commitment to supply, Certificate of Origin, Q&Q done by indigenous lab at port of Origin, ATS (Authorization to Sell) License certificate, Statement of availability of product, Notice of Readiness (NOR) to Commence Injection of the Product. 

4) Buyer provide to Seller Tank Storage Receipt(TSR), Authorization to Verify (ATV), Readiness to Receive Fuel (RTR) and send to Seller. 

5) Seller confirm buyer tank and verify buyer tank then Seller issue to buyer Dip Test Authorization(DTA), Tank Storage Receipt (TSR), Authorization to Verify (ATV) to enable buyer verify the fuel in Seller tanks. 

6) Buyer engages SGS to conduct Q&Q dip Test Inspection on the Product on Seller tank to check the Quality and Quantity of the fuel before injection can to take place to be sure the product match the Specification for international Standard product. 

7) Seller inject fuel into buyer tank and buyer confirm the fuel and buyer Pays by MT103 against SGS report 

8) Seller issue Title ownership documents to buyer 

9) The commissions will be paid by the BUYER, against IMFPA with the following distribution:

• 100%: Buyer side - Open