International Bio Power Corporation is a company founded on 2006 with the purpose of distribute the highest quality eco-friendly fuel, at a reasonable price. All of this being socially and environmentally responsible, a core characteristic on which this business is based. 

This will be accomplished through the development of a well-planned project, which includes the construction of micro-seaweed refinery for Bio-diesel and other eco-friendly fuels production, and an African palm processing plant, not for human consumption.

IBPCorp currently employs 128+ globally and is a well registered company in the United States of America, Panama and Spain, as a part of our strategic plan to establish our company abroad.

With the oil extraction plant from African palm, IBP Corp., will ensure
that our business is not contributing to the creation of world hunger.

Today, the renewable fuel market has grown exponentially due to the demand for clean fuels in accordance with the regulations of the
Department of Research and Development of Fuel and UN Emissions
as well as the Control Department of Emissions of the Spanish
government , which has created a high demand for clean fuels that
they do not increase the price of global food supply.

Company Overview

Net/Net Key Financial:     $8,438,281.82 USD
Gross Profit:           $21,580,229.92 USD
Net Profit After Tax:       $15,638,281.82 USD
Current Fixed Assets:     $23,531,755.00 USD
Current Liabilities:       $18,019,069.90 USD
Operating Cashflow:     $7,200,000.00 USD
Credit Rating:           B+ (Medium Size Company)